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Liking My Wife's Sexy Past. My wife, Amanda I didn't understand, and finally the waitress said, "Look, she had sex with the customers in the VIP room. She made a lot of She is not sure how many guys she did in her three months with the club but says that she once had sex with six different guys in one shift. On the night. My Wife's Past Bothers Me - How Do I Make It Stop?! Alex. Age: 23. Born and brought up out of India They dont want to feel that now I am married to you we have sex all the time or whenever. I slept with my new crush's brother long ago. Jan 26, - Help! I've been married for nearly 25 years, and I can't stop obsessing over my wife's past sexual history. When we first started seeing each other, she was married, I was married and we were both having affairs with other people. She told me in very exquisite detail about many -- if not all -- of her sexual. Sydney. Age: 25. With the right gentlemen, i like to enjoy as much as giving enjoyment! I prefer to cater to a few number of gentleman friends and only through recommendations but if you got on my page you probably know that its will never be dull moment with me!i will shower you with kisses and my attention and make our encounter one to be remembered ! ...I love to go out and enjoy fine dining with a candle lights and stimulating conversation. Haunted by my wife's sexual past.. Oct 4, - In other words you're either tormented by the casual sex she once had, or how to get over jealousy of an ex. It's more common for men to feel anxiety about the former rather than the latter, but this post will cover how to get over your wife's past no matter what's bugging you about it. So let's dive right on in. Mar 29, - The dilemma I am troubled by my wife's sexual past. I recently found out through a mutual friend who knew her before I met her that my wife had been a “bit of a groupie” and had slept with several men in bands. We have pretty much told each other everything about our lives, and this part of my wife's life.

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Kaci. Age: 30. Jane twain Jul 10, - No one's going to say that it's easy to deal with your partner's sexual past, especially if it's more colorful than your own. If you're finding it difficult to get past the jealousy, you're not alone. The Frisky recently published a piece about a boyfriend who made his girlfriend feel ashamed of her sexual history. I've been married for 10 years and recently I've learned more about my wife's past 'promiscuousness'. When I first learned about some of her past it was after we were well into our engagement. One night we went out with one of her freinds who said girls should never let the guys their dating that they have. Apr 2, - You two have been together for five years, and you don't indicate that during that time you have ever had cause to doubt your wife's fidelity or her satisfaction with your sex life. I don't know if meeting you was the turning point in her life, or if by the time she met you she had moved past her emotional.


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