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We are SO close to one another! I can see EVERYTHING!" Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo. Error (Too Many Requests) - Quora Trinity. Age: 23. yari ferreira Share On vk Share On vk Share. Mar 27, - Although pee is also generally pretty acidic, it is possible that it could throw the vaginal pH out of whack, says Minkin. If this happens, it could make your wife more susceptible to things like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. "Some women — but not everyone — may be more susceptible to infection. Maddalena. Age: 25. 702-983-3901 Sex Q&A: Can I Pee Inside My Wife? May 6, - Every man has checked out someone else's package, and if he tells you he hasn't, he's a liar. As humans, we're inherently curious, and on occasion that curiosity gets the best of you. I remember doing this once in college when I was peeing next to a guy who some of my female friends said was hung like a. Were b-saku.info like watching women do b-saku.info,poop, other women,hell we'll even pay to see another guy screw our b-saku.info we draw the line at peeing? next to you, but it is somehow magically less gay if there are fewer men *in your vicinity*, even if he'd need x-ray vision to check out your tiny lodgepole pine.

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Phyllisha. Age: 26. I am a size 18, 40 f bust, and i am 5'7 tall Mar 11, - Women don't like to leech at men with their dicks out in public. Most of us really don't care but some might get frustrated and may feel violated due to it. It's kinda funny you know, how men can go around peeing in public but a woman wearing skirts becomes the 'cause' of rape because they were displaying their 'private  What will happen if a man pees on a pregnancy test kit as women do. Sep 9, - Toilet inequalities! You're going for a hike and the male of the group can just face a tree to pee, whereas the women have to wade through at least feet worth of trees and find a suitable hiding place to squat down. Other times, you might be out and about and need a public toilet, but it isn't that clean. Jul 27, - But if you're making mad dashes multiple times a day, it could spell a more serious health problem. Are you peeing too much? Here's how to tell. (For other answers to life's everyday problems—and for 2, more tips on taking total control of your health— check out The Better Man Project, the new book by.


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