Parent that spank with love

Image via iStock. Remember back in the day when parents were able to beat the crap out of their kids if they misbehaved? You know, how children were often sent out to pick out the switch from the field that would be turned on their tender rumps? Or how Dad was able to pull his belt off so fast and turn a bare backside from. The Biblical Approach to Spanking | Focus on the Family Estelle. Age: 22. Hey Guys!!! Remember the point of a spanking: By clicking the "Join Now" button you are agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy. For the spanking parents out there, I will share with you just how I spank my children and why. When I spank my children, the heart behind it is this: I love them too much to let them get away with unacceptable behavior and I want to raise respectful and well behaved human beings that change the world for good with. Darcy. Age: 27. I am a discreet, elite escort in Seoul, South Korea Should parents spank their children? Just the opposite, in fact. A parent who reaches back and swings hard is acting out of anger and frustration, not out of love and desire for the child's welfare. That's unbiblical by anyone's definition. When you spank, use a wooden spoon or some other appropriately sized paddle and flick your wrist. That's all the force you. Sep 16, - For parents who do choose to spank, the proper philosophy and approach is extremely important. Too begin with, as with all forms Parents have an ongoing opportunity and responsibility to teach our children how to love well and live life as effectively and healthfully as possible. What we want children to.

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Silvia. Age: 18. I have just graduated a college, I have an open personality, I like sports and travel; during day I work in a firma unrelated to this small business, therefore I answer handy after 18pm untill 2am - in this period I am all yours; my interest varies, starting with a conversation about any topic or just go straight and warm up the bed Mar 26, - Miller: “I am often asked about whether to spank or not. My short answer is that I do not encourage spanking, but believe that within certain parameters, it is acceptable. I try and encourage parents to look at the bigger picture and to consider what it is they hope to accomplish when spanking is in question.”. Aug 24, - Jaimie Pritchett's book tells parents how love and a spanking can help them to raise polite and obedient children who will bring delight and joy to others. Spanking, or corporal punishment as it is also called, can be a somewhat controversial topic in this field. I had a meeting with a parent this week who is very upset that an older family member is very-pro- spanking. The parent wanted me to talk to the family member and make her "less spanking" and "more ABA".


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