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My Dad Hair Makeover: My Website: LOL, men shave their arms? | IGN Boards Nathaly. Age: 27. Hello, I' m intelligent, charming, a highly reviewed lady with class and style I'm an ex- photomodel and High Class Independent Courtesan Each blade is perfectly shaped to pick up short strands without any pulling and instantly rinses off debris when in contact with water. I grew up in Ohio and I don’t know any reason why a guy would want to shave his arms. Various reasons anyone from anywhere of any age might shave their arms: Various reasons anyone from anywhere of any age might have a bald patch on their forearms. Milena. Age: 23. Sara gabor ... Body Hair Dos & Don'ts For the guys who shave their arms, legs, chest, pretty much whole body I've been wondering about it- what do girls think about this? Do they like guys who shave their entire body? does they think it's weird/gay? do they hate it? Just wondering. "Whatever doesn't kill me only makes me stronger."  Can a guy shave his arms without appearing gay? Dec 31, - Shave Your Armpits. Women expect to see hair beneath a man's arms just as much as they do on the head. It's probably not going to be the first thing she notices, but she'll eventually realize that you have nothing under there and she's bound to question your masculinity because of it. So, unless you're a.

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Oksana. Age: 30. AVAILABLE TODAY hi guys May 16, - says Craig Whitely, Hollywood's male grooming expert to Men's Health. Despite recent trends, maybe you don't find it manly to trim or shave your pit hair, and may find it shocking to see a man lift his arms up and reveal an absence of arm pit hair. While it's strictly a personal choice, consider this: If you have. Mar 27, - coolfir3pwnz c'mon man. I understand trimming your body because of uber hairyness, but there is absolutely no point to having completely bare arms. Nothing wrong with shaving your legs or arms really but then you need to shave your chest to match. Bare armpits might look a bit weird but again no real big deal and you can just trim if you want. Really just depends how much you care. But you're right it's getting more common for men to groom.


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