Getting high with piss

Nov 5, - This doesn't sound like a good idea. But what shall we do about it? You can't pop people for poop possession, or piss-test people for piss sniffing. Should we launch a massive public education campaign warning kids that fermenting their excrement and breathing in the resulting fumes will get them wasted. I feel like I piss myself when I'm stoned. : trees Marta. Age: 19. If you are looking for someone to rock your world and make you forget your middle name If some stupid kid s get a hold of this idea and try it ther's likely be outbreaks of waste borne diseases. lmao never experienced this, maybe im not getting enough? when im high and peeing into the toilet I have to question whether im awake or asleep. Its actually quite terrifying because I went to class today and had to pee halfway through, I was also [4] at this point and quite sleepy (early class), it actually felt. Sierra. Age: 20. Luksusowa dziewczyna (wyższe wykształcenie, 3 języki, miłośniczka opery i teatru) dotrzyma towarzystwa zamożnemu panu. 7 Species That Get High More Than We Do I need to take a massive stoner piss 2.) go for it dude · #stoner#high#piss#fiend#weed. by fiend November 28, 8 0. Get the mug. 18% off on stoner piss mugs for UD's 18th bday. Code IMLEGAL. Categories. Religion · Work · Drugs · Name · Internet · Music · College · Sex · Food · ⚽ Sports. So whenever I'm high, I can actually FEEL it coming down my leg, and if I'm on a couch, I can feel it pool under me. My legs feel wet, and I get up but there's nothing there? Does this happen to anyone else? It's gotten so bad in my personal life I've stopped drinking fluids before I go out with friends for a few.

Butt hole fuckers

Laurie. Age: 27. Rates: Apr 27, - Santa flies highCoca-Cola's advertising campaign in the s may have solidified Santa's image as the jolly rotund guy we know today, but Santa's true origins stem from the traditions of the pee-drinking reindeer herders of Northern Europe. Reindeers are fond of eating fly agaric mushrooms (Amanita. May 11, - This sounds like a variation on the "Jenkem" hoax. The only thing you can reliably harvest from urine (of any kind) is potassium nitrate, and ammonia. Well, and water. Ferment them, and you'll probably get methane. All these things are freely available in less repulsive forms. Citations: Wikipedia · Snopes. Feb 10, - THE CIRCLE OF PISS: 1. Reindeer eat mushrooms and pee. 2. Humans collect the pee and get high. 3. Humans pee, and reindeer drink their own people-filtered-urine to get high again. 4. The reindeer pee, and the circle begins anew. How Common Is It? Sadly, the glorious human/reindeer urine.


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