Cat lick my penis

ok i have 2 problems. This may sound stupid but plz dont make fun of me. for some reason i was in bed at night and my cat starting licking my penis it felt good so i let him keep doing it. that was like 2 weeks ago and then today he did it again. I noticed there were red things on the bottom of my penis and. Is it safe to let your cat lick your dick? | Yahoo Answers Jesse. Age: 19. I offer an Escort service from my House in Worle Weston super Marel, or at your Hotel or home Anyway, she had to quit her job as her coworkers thought she was a freak. I don't even have a dog -Next grab a hold of its penis and then masturbate the feline. -Finally let it unload its seminal fluids over your face. If it is a female cat lick your index finger and thumb, gently rub the vagina and the anus of the feline for a couple minutes until it starts purring. -After the purring start the insertion of finger inside the pussy's. Kelly. Age: 24. ABOUT MYSELF Is it normal that I tried to get a cat to lick my penis? One time I let a dog lick my penis.. - True buddy Stevie and I were Spunk comes be-bopping over and, sure as shit, he licks my wiener for about 12 seconds. I laughed and pulled up my pants. So how many times did you fuck the female cat Mihow i mean Meow. 8/8/15 AM. IDOHARM. One time, I accidently spilled some chicken salad juice on my pants. I just so happened to be around the crotch area. Lets just say I might not have stopped my girlfriend's cat from licking it up. Not that I enjoyed it but I feel I need to point out that the chicken juice wasn't the only stain I had to get out of my.

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Vicki. Age: 21. ''We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure Cats produce only a few drops of cum, so sucking them is like getting to lick a lollipop but having it taken away before finishing it.:lol: Honestly, the I could explain the photoshoots to my future employer no problem a picture of me sucking my cat's penis would be a little bit harder to talk my way out of. Jan 7, - Never did it before (mainly because my first dog wouldn't do it). It lasted for about twenty minutes. But the thing wasand this is why I made this. Sep 4, - Is it safe? Sure! Of all the mammals, the human mouth has the most bacteria (about 1, the last time they check) so you're better off with an animal. I don't know what you'd have to put on your dick to entice a cat to lick it. Paw gel? Tuna juice? Unless the cat does not eat fish. My cat wakes me up by licking.


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